PEASHOLM MODELS understand that most modellers own the earlier 'Margate' Hornby Models.

We can undertake complete repaints, lining, renumbering and renaming to your choice of both colour and name.
We can also fit extra handrail knobs and wire plus Doncaster etched brass works plates.
  4499 Pochard - 4500 Garganey - 4462 Great Snipe  
     4499 Pochard - 4500 Garganey - 4462 Great Snipe
Andrew K McCosh   Merlin  
Complete repaint and 'Super Detailed'
'Andrew K McCosh'
  Repainted and renamed
Pochard   Woodcock  
Complete repaint and 'Super Detailed'
  Repainted in 'Shop Grey' circa 1937
  If you have one of Hornby's latest China made loco-drive A3s or A4s, why not have it renamed and renumbered.

We can even add German smoke deflectors, double chimney and change the BR crest from early to late type.

You can also have your Bachmann A1 renamed and renumbered to create a model of your choice.
  Bachmann Class A1  

With such a huge range of modifications that can be undertaken, prices can vary considerably.
PEASHOLM MODELS will be pleased to discuss your requirements and should be able to give you a price instantly.

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